Formula Vee Association Of NSW


  The Formula Vee Association of New South Wales Get-Into-It Day took place on Sunday the 24th of June 2018 at the Macbro private test facility near Penrith, and four new Formula Vee competitors could now soon join the ranks of Formula Vee competition soon after testing a Formula Vee under realistic conditions. The Formula Vee Association of New South Wales Get-Into-It Day involved prospective Formula Vee drivers looking at a number of different Formula Vees that were on display at the Macbro facility, and gaining an understanding of the variations of Formula Vees, then studying a number of Formula Vee races from the past on video, before finally driving a Formula Vee at realistic speeds around the Macbro short course to allow the prospective Formula Vee drivers to feel the excitement of a Formula Vee at realistic speeds. The prospective Formula Vee drivers covered an incredibly wide range of age - from a 14 year old girl who sprints a Subaru, and is being supported by CAMS, and a 52 year old TAFE teacher. Another Formula Vee “Get-Into-It Day” is being planned for well before the 2019 season, with enough time for prospective Formula Vee competitors to purchase and test their new Formula Vee before the 2019 racing season commences. Thanks go to John Mcdonald for the use of his private test facility, and to the committee of the Formula Vee Association of New South Wales for their efforts in planning and operating the Formula Vee Get-Into-It Day with the aim of growing Formula Vee back to its great recent days.  

Brook’s Aurora and John Mcdonald’s Mako being driven on the private Macbro test facility