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As part of a new driver profile series we ask drivers a set of questions to help you get to know them in 60 seconds...

He may be one of Formula Vee's newest (and tallest) drivers but Andrew McKinnon is not new to motorsport with his passion going back to the 1980's where it all began...

Name: Andrew McKinnon

Car Number: 99

Make: Aurora Vixen

How long have you been racing Vee’s and what made you choose Formula Vee?

I bought the Aurora in 2018 and made a lot of modifications to be able to fit into the car, I started racing in 2020 after doing a couple of super sprints with the car in 2019.

As for how I ended up in the category, I did a Formula Ford drive day at Wakefield Park in early 2018 and was looking at doing something. I saw the classified ad for the Aurora and it said the car was built for a “tall driver with big feet” and being over 6 foot tall I thought this car would be perfect. I had a drive of the car at the Formula Vee open day in mid-2018 and that’s how I’m here.

What was your racing experience prior to Formula Vee?

Back in the mid 1980’s I competed over a couple of years in club motorsport in hill climbs, Super sprints, dirt circuits and single venue rallies, but I had no circuit racing experience until last year.

Getting into the category was easy, once I had my car I did my circuit license through Motorsport Australia and before I knew it I was entered into my first event at the 55th anniversary meeting.

What is your favorite element about the category?

It's an affordable and fast (for me) category. It represents the best value for money for anyone looking to go racing.

What is your favorite track and who do you like to beat the most?

Amaroo Park would have to be my favourite and it's a shame the track is no longer around. When it comes to beating people I like to beat anyone directly in front of me!

What is your most memorable moment in Formula Vee and the moment you would most like to forget?

My debut race at Wakefield Park in July 2020 was interesting. It started raining, actually more like pouring, as the Formula Vee race was about to start. I made a reasonably good start and just kept on pushing as hard as I could till the end. I qualified 17th and finished in the top ten, it seemed to impress a few people at the time but it’s been downhill since then.

Nothing so far that I really want to forget other than too many spins at the last Wakefield meeting.

Who is your favorite race driver of all time and why?

Jim Clark. He could drive anything, anywhere, anytime and make it a front runner, even in a rally car. A truly brilliant and gifted all rounder.

If you could have any car as your daily drive what would it be?

Porsche Cayman GT4. Good for a fast trip to work or maybe not?

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