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As part of a new driver profile series we ask drivers a set of questions to help you get to know them in 60 seconds...

Today we meet Bernie Cannon, a competitor in our 1200 class and dedicated committee member. Bernie came to Formula Vee later in life but has enjoyed sharing his passion with family members where his now ex-wife and son joined him on the grid in the second Cannon Accounting entry now driven by Grant Cassell. 

Name: Bernie Cannon

Car Number: 12

Make: Kingfisher

Sponsors: Cannon Accounting

How long have you been racing Vee’s and what made you choose Formula Vee?

I've been racing Formula Vee's for 12 years and chose the category due to the low cost. I guess getting involved with Formula Vee was more luck than planning but I havn't looked back. 

What was your racing experience prior to Formula Vee?

I started racing Formula Vee's at the age of 63 which shows you are never too old to get started, prior to this I had no racing experience.

What is your favorite element about the category?

The guys we race with are such a great bunch, they are all very friendly and helpful. Formula Vee is great for people of all ages making it an excellent category for the entire family to get involved in.

We currently have three father/son teams competing and a couple of bothers. For me, my now ex-wife raced for two years as well as my son and at one stage all three of us were on the track in the same race!

What is your favorite track and who do you like to beat the most?

I love Wakefield Park but there is one thing that would make it better and that would be beating Stephen Butcher!

What is your most memorable moment in Formula Vee and the moment you would most like to forget?

My most memorable moment was the 2012 National Challenge where we had a standalone 1200 race with 20 plus cars, made up of a mix of modern and historic 1200's. I came second out of the moderns and I was third over the line overall. 

Most forgettable moment would be when I put the car backwards into the wall at Oran Park on a practice day... no one wants to do that particularly on practice day, it ruins your whole weekend..

Who is your favorite race driver of all time and why?

I would have to pick Craig Lowndes because not only was he a good driver but in his day he looked after his fan base. Lowndes was always smiling when the camera was on and I only ever saw him a couple of times where he lost it and the camera caught him unaware.

If you could have any car as your daily drive what would it be?

I would love to be able to buy a brand new version of my 2003 XR8 ute in the same Blood Orange colour.

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