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Become a member...

The first thing you need to do is join your state Formula Vee association. Please contact your state representatives or download the application form.

Buying a car...

The following sources of information are available for buying a car:

Formula Vee Classifieds. is a popular race car marketplace.

• Attend a race meeting or contact your state representatives.

For full details on other equipment you will need to go racing and costs to get started please check out our article "How Much Does it Cost to Race a Formula Vee".

Obtaining a racing licence...

Motorsport Australia now issue rolling Licences so Licences are valid for 12 months from the date of issue. The following steps need to be carried out in order to get your racing licence:

1. Become a member of a Motorsport Australia affiliated car club. You must also be a member of the Formula Vee State Association to race Vees.

2. Complete your license application form for a Provisional Clubman License - this can be found here.

3. Have a full Motorsport Australia medical.

4. Complete your Motorsport Australia education modules and online test.

5. Complete your Observed License Test with an approved Motorsport Australia tester.

Before applying for your license you should contact the NSW Formula Vee Committee who can assign a regular Formula Vee mentor, who will assist you with car set up and assist you through the license process.

Some people fail their licence on the first try because they are poorly prepared. Once you successfully complete your observed license test you will be ready for your first race meeting.

Get your new car checked...

It is advisable to contact your state Formula Vee Committee so that they can put you in touch with someone to help go over your car with you to make sure the car you have purchased is legal and generally in race-worthy condition. You should also consider looking for someone who will give you long-term support for your engine building and maintenance if this is not something you can do yourself.

Your first race meeting...

Check the NSW Championship calendar for the meeting you want to attend and contact the Competition Secretary for details on how to enter. Once you are a full association member, you will receive race notification for all meetings. For your first few meetings an experienced driver can be assigned as your mentor if you wish. Please contact the NSW Formula Vee Committee if you wish to have a mentor.

Before the race weekend, you should do some basic things such as the following:

• Nut and bolt check the car.

• Check you have fuel for the race meeting and practice. (there may not be fuel available at the race track).

• Confirm your accommodation if you are racing away from home.

• Make sure you have received all supplementary regulations and get all of your paper work in order. (club membership, licence, log book, OLT forms, etc)

• Charge your Dorian Timer!

As a check list, these are the normal order of activities at a meeting:

• On arrival, find your garage and get set up, or if you don’t have one, find a spot to set up. Try and park in the pit area near other Vees. This can always be helpful in times of need and is also great socially. Vee drivers generally help each other, so don't be shy.

• Paperwork. On Saturday, take your licence, vehicle log book, club membership card, and all associated documentation to race control for your document check. This must be completed before scrutineering.

• Scrutineering of car and race apparel. On Saturday, both your car and race apparel (including helmet) are scrutineered. Scrutineers are checking mostly for safety. A clean well-presented car is expected. On Sundays, usually only the car is checked. Check the paperwork you received at the document check for where scrutineering is located, or just look for the long line of cars. Check that your rain light works before going to scrutineering, and remember to take your log book.

• Qualifying and racing. On Saturday, there is usually 1 qualifying and 1 race and on Sunday, there are usually 2 races. Qualifying will determine where you start on the grid for Race 1 and your finishing position will determine where you start on the grid for the next race.

• Being called to the dummy grid. Make sure you are prepared well before you are called to the dummy grid. Sometimes no announcements are made and you need to keep an eye on the order of proceedings. Watch other drivers!

• Qualifying Session. On your first qualifying session it is wise to go out at the rear of the field rather than mixing with the experienced drivers who may be battling for grid positions. Keep an eye in your mirrors for faster drivers and enjoy. Remember qualifying is not a race, you have plenty of time on the track.

• Qualifying/Race Results. After qualifying or a race, results are available from race administration (or Natsoft Timing online). You always need to check your grid position for the next race.

• Drivers Briefing. Check the Supplementary Regulations for details of the drivers briefing. You must attend drivers briefings and you can be fined and/or excluded from the meeting if you do not attend.

• Car and Trailer on Saturday night. Generally you can leave your car and trailer at the track on Saturday night as security is usually provided.

• Saturday Night. At race meetings there will often be a Formula Vee dinner on Saturday night. Check with the committee or other drivers if in doubt.

Most of all - ENJOY YOURSELF!

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