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As part of a new driver profile series we ask drivers a set of questions to help you get to know them in 60 seconds...

Joining us today is one of our newest competitors, Grant Cassell. In his first season Grant has competed in the 1200cc class and delivered some good results including his first podium in the final round of the NSW Formula Vee Championship held at Wakefield Park and a 3rd overall in the 1200cc class driver championship. 

Name: Grant Cassell

Car Number: 90

Make: 1977 Nimbus

Sponsors: Cannon Accounting

How long have you been racing Vee’s and what made you choose Formula Vee?

I've been driving Vee's for 12 months now and was given the opportunity to be second driver in the Cannon Accounting Team alongside Bernie Cannon.

What was your racing experience prior to Formula Vee?

Prior to racing Formula Vee I had no racing experience which is one of the great things about the class. I have been able to get behind the wheel of my first race car and achieve some great results but most of all I've had so much fun doing it!

What is your favorite element about the category?

It would have to be the sportsmanship. Everyone helps each other, it is a real club atmosphere and the other drivers are all great to hang out with.

What is your favorite track and who do you like to beat the most?

So far I like Wakefield Park, as I find it to be more challenging. The biggest thing for me is that its not all about winning, its about being out there having fun.

What is your most memorable moment in Formula Vee and the moment you would most like to forget?

I have only been racing for a short time but my most memorable moment would have to be coming 3rd in the overall 1200 championship in 2020.

Wat would I like to forget? COVID! I think its something we would all like to forget.

Who is your favorite race driver of all time and why?

Dick Johnson, who doesn't like Dicky Johnson!

If you could have any car as your daily drive what would it be?

1932 3 window Ford coupe

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