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As part of a new driver profile series we ask drivers a set of questions to help you get to know them in 60 seconds...

Michael Kinsella needs little introduction as a past NSW and Australian Series Champion. Michael has been racing Vee's for two decade's after coming out of Karts. His ability as a competitive driver is well known and he enjoys the club like atmosphere that is missing in many other categories.

Name: Michael Kinsella

Car Number: 35

Make: 2010 Jacer F2K10

Sponsors: KE Power

Titles won: 2015 NSW Formula Vee Championship, 2017 Formula Vee Australian Series, 2017 Australian Nationals, 2018 NSW Formula Vee Championship, 2018 Australian Nationals, 2019 Formula Vee Australian Series.

How long have you been racing Vee’s and what made you choose Formula Vee?

I've been racing Vee's for about 2o years. I found Formula Vee fitted into my budget and its a good competitive category so I found this a perfect fit after leaving kart racing.

What was your racing experience prior to Formula Vee?

I raced Karts from the age of 10 and I moved into Formula Vee after my Karting days.

What is your favorite element about the category?

The things I like most about Formula Vee is the close affordable racing, you can also fabricate your own parts, perform most of your own maintenance and rebuild your own engines, so there is alot of good elements about the class not to mention the friendly paddock and club like atmosphere.

What is your favorite track and who do you like to beat the most?

Oran Park is my all time favorite, its a real shame this track, like so many others, has been turned into a housing estate. We need someone to build another Oran Park.

I would have to say the person I love beating the most is Dylan Thomas.

What is your most memorable moment in Formula Vee and the moment you would most like to forget?

Best older memory would have to be pole position at my first Nationals at Oran Park, first year of racing  and I got a big tow from Ian Chivas and it was the first time I held it flat with no lift through the esses, I didn’t do it again as I almost put it in the fence!

Most recent memorable moment is the last round, last lap battle at Wakefield Park with Dylan Thomas for the NSW State Championship. Turn 2 Dylan went defensive on the exit on the inside, I went full throttle across the back of his car and up the outside and out dragged him up the hill to pass him into the left hander. I still remind Dylan about it.

I would like to forget all my spins when running near the front, there are lots!

Who is your favorite race driver of all time and why?

Nigel Mansell - F1 and Indycar Champion.

If you could have any car as your daily drive what would it be?

Astin martin DB9

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