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The saying “better late than never” could not ring truer for Mitch McDonald who has finally been crowned (on the perpetual trophy at least) as the 1985 Division 2 Champion.

Up until late last year there were two name plates that remained blank on the Division 2 perpetual trophy from 1979 and 1985. It wasn’t until Mitch McDonald decided to take a walk down memory lane (and we are sure some bragging) with his son that he realised his name was missing from the coveted trophy.

Mitch contacted the FVA NSW Committee with evidence and recounted his championship winning campaign in 1985 racing alongside teammate Sergio Lavermoccoca who won the same championship the previous year.

Mitch was bitten by the racing bug in 1982 during a trip to Europe where he decided to take a Formula Ford driving course, received his British Racing Licence and even hired Formula Fords to enter race events at Silverstone and Snetterton. Upon his return to Australia, wondering how he was going to continue his newfound passion, Mitch started a new job and on his first day was told he would share an office with Steve Cramp.

After being introduced to Steve, Mitch joked that the bloke shared the same name as a guy that designs, builds and races state of the art Formula Vee’s, and you can guess what happened next… “You’re talkin to him” was the response and so began Mitch’s long association with Formula Vee.

Steve told Mitch that he had designed a new Formula Vee based on the Williams F1 body, the Concept GS83, but probably would never build it due to family commitments. As quick as a flash Mitch asked Steve if he would build the car for him and before they knew it a deal was nutted out with Formula Vee legend Greg McCombie and the rest is history.

Between 1983 – 1986 Mitch McDonald (Concept GS83) and Sergio Lavermoccoca (Concept GS82) ran as teammates with some success with both winning the triple crown (Formula Vee Division 2, John Fry Formula Vee Championship & Shell AARC Club Championship). After Sergio left to try his luck in Europe Mitch competed in and won the 1986 NSW Hill Climb Championship in the Formula Vee class.

The NSW Committee were delighted to hear from Mitch and even happier to be able to set the record straight after 35 years. The Committee were also able to identify the 1979 Champion - Phil Revell - adding his details to the trophy as well.

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