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As part of a new driver profile series we ask drivers a set of questions to help you get to know them in 60 seconds...

After recently securing his first ever podium finish, racer William Pym has been punching out laps since 2014 when he accidently got involved with Formula Vee.

Titles won: 2016 Formula Vee Australian Series - 1200cc. 

Name: William Pyma

Car Number: 86

Make: 2010 Jacer F2K3

Sponsors: PYM Motorsport

How long have you been racing Vee’s and what made you choose Formula Vee?

I've been racing Formula Vee since 2014. I got into Formula Vee by accident as I always wanted to do a Formula Ford track day and when I searched track days on the net, I got Dylan Thomas' contact details. I contacted Dylan and went for a track day and at the end of the day Dylan 

told me that he leases cars for race meetings and a month later I was entered into my first state round behind the wheel of a Stinger Formula Vee.

What was your racing experience prior to Formula Vee?

I had no prior race experience, the only track time I had done was hire karts and the track day with Dylan at CXC Racing.

What is your favorite element about the category?

I think the category is a good all round category catering for beginners as well as experienced drivers - the whole category is good.

What is your favorite track and who do you like to beat the most?

My favorite track is Phillip Island but I would really like to give Bathurst a go.

The person I like to beat the most is Matt Pearce. When I started racing in Formula Vee I couldn't beat Matt in my 1600cc Stinger when he was racing his 1200cc Lepton.

What is your most memorable moment in Formula Vee and the moment you would most like to forget?

My most memorable moment was the first race of Island Magic at Phillip Island in 2016. I went through the sand trap on the first lap and I had to fight my way back through the 1200 field. I passed Matt Pearce with a lap to go for my first race win. After the race I looked at the lap times and I was a second a lap faster than everyone else.

My least memorable moment was losing the Division 2 championship in the final race of 2015. A Sabre went into the wall at the start finish line and I drove through a shower of fiberglass, my engine cut out and I couldn't get it restarted resulting in a DNF.

Who is your favorite race driver of all time and why?

It was Peter Brock back in the day, I always liked the look off his Mobile Cars.

If you could have any car as your daily drive what would it be?

It would be a brand new Ford Ranger Raptor.

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